Welcome to 2019 Gymnastics Association of Texas Conference.  Hope you have a wonderful weekend of great education!
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Andy Seeley

Creatively Disruptive
Surprise, Arizona
Hello Everyone,

I'm a former Gymnastics Club Owner (12 years), CEO, Husband to a Gymnastics Coach, and Dad to River, my 4-year-old son.

My Company Creatively Disruptive is an Online Marketing Agency focused on growing the sport of Gymnastics. We started as an eCommerce-focused agency cutting our teeth on the most complex and challenging online marketing campaigns eCommerce had to offer.

Five years ago, we decided to go all into the Gymnastics Industry because of difficulties that were happening at the top level. We want to help the grassroots succeed and grow strong to deal with the storms that the sport might face.

With this commitment to the growth of Gymnastics Clubs, we have grown to work with 60+ Clubs throughout the USA, directly developing their marketing strategies to what we call "Super Charging their Gym" Membership. We now manage over $62,000 of gymnastics-focused ad spend per month, have developed over 36,000 gymnastics lead inquires in 2019, helping our clients add a combined 9,600 new gymnasts to their gyms. With an average monthly membership fee of $75, we have helped add $720,000 in monthly revenue for gymnastics clubs throughout the country.

We also run and manage the "Kids Activity Center Marketing Group" on Facebook and invite you all to join. It's free and filled with a wealth of knowledge and info to help grow your gym!

In my two lectures, we will be focusing on the strategies we use to grow our client gyms. Full transparency, nothing held back. We will share the secret sauce!

We will be giving out goodies for you to take home and take real action to grow your gym, don't miss them!

Hope to see you at our booth and the lecture, and let's make this next competitive year your best year to date!
Looking forward to meeting you.

Andy Seeley
Creatively Disruptive

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